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Kagami Biraki 2014


6.00 a.m. Jun Shihan Roger, Kyoshi Stuart Wilson, Kyoshi Stephen Fincham and Sensei Chris Baldwin arrived at the Hughenden dojo to prepare it for the celebration of Kagami Biraki. After cleaning the dojo they set up the Shinzen and the candles that give the dojo such a special feeling. After training and meditating together it was time to let the packed ante-chamber filled with Seido students into the main hall. Jun Shihan and his seniors lined up to welcome each student as a special guest. The students cleaned the dojo floor together and then lined up. There was buzz of excitement in the air as each Kagami Biraki is different.


Jun Shihan welcomed all the students especially the Seido youngsters who had come to train. After meditation Jun Shihan explained the purpose of the still life on the Shinzen: pine from the mountains; orange from the orchards; rice from the field and a sea shell representing both the simplicity and abundance of life. The mirror behind the tableau represented the ceremony.  Kagami Biraki means "Open mirror" and is a time to reflect on the year past and look forward to the year ahead.

Simple hard training took place with many push ups representing building a non-quitting spirit for the year ahead. The kyoshis spoke openly about their problems in 2013 and their wishes for 2014 as did Sensei Chris and we listened  quietly sitting in seiza. The dojo echoed with kiais as we gave our best on each technique. Time flew by and soon it was approaching 9.00 am.

Jun Shihan spoke saying how impressed he was by our Seido youngsters who trained with us for nearly 2 hours and were still smiling at the end of the session. Congratulations To Senpai Jack Millard and Edward Sutton for receiving their full Shodan belts. Senpai Joe Wilson was reinstated to Shodan after training as a white belt for 4 months. Jun Shihan announced that Senpai Suzie and Senpai Karen would be taking Sensei promotion with Kaicho in April. Junior Shodan candidates- were announced, Laura Dodd, Kavindu Ranasinghe, Tom Drury would go forward whilst adult Shodan candidates are Dave Austin, Matt McCormack, Alex Jefford and James Hallam. Sandan candidates are Mark Cartlidge and Mark Terry.

Jun Shihan asked us all to  reflect on Kaicho's lecture, In Ga Oho, What goes around, comes around. It was great morning and the companionship and respect in the dojo shone through as the curtains were opened and the sun filled the dojo with light. After photos we shared a breakfast together before we went on our individual ways, revitalised and ready for the year ahead. Osu.

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